Fusion Senec MINIcamp

08. Sep | Draho | Events | FUSION

In Apostolic church Senec happened during a weekend in the end of August. First kick to do the Fusion minicamp came from the students who already experienced Fusion camp at the beginning of summer.

They were so excited and felt sorry that we didn’t have one in Senec too. So we decided to have a 2 day taster of a camp. Great! Sounds so easy, right?

Two days are still only two days and we wouldn’t be able to put together a playlist for the concert. We decided to make our own audio and video clip instead! First day we spent learning and pracitcing a song and the next day we made all recordings. It was a great experience for everybody. Many of them tried these things for the first time. I was amazed what kind of professional equipment our students have brought with them! It was great to see them working on something together!

Personally I liked our first night the most. We watched a movie “Fireproof” and discussed it afterwards. Many of our students opened up and shared their stories and life experiences.

I must say these 2 days were very much intense and tiring but it was worth all of our effort. Sharing about the love of God is always worh it!