ŠPM 2.0 - How would you like to see your youth group in 5 years?

20. Feb | Denisa | Events | ŠPM

How would you like to see your youth group in 5 years? What can you do for it this week?

The third visit to Nove Mesto was getting near and we weren’t able to wait to see. At the same time we were a little sad, because we knew, it was our last visit to Nove Mesto during the School of Leaders 2.0. Next time we will meet together at the joint School of Leader also with the team from Banska Bystrica in Žilina.
On Friday after junior high meeting we started with the competition where teams were contesting against each other in different categories and right after that we started with the work. We tried to answer the questions such as: where do we see our youth group/junior high group in five years, what should not be missing, how many people will be there, what will they do,… Step by step we moved to the question of how would the ideal condition of our youth group looks like. We tried to form basic vision of the youth group based on our expectations and we outline what strategy we should use to reach that condition. After exhaustive discussion on Friday, we were thinking on Saturday about the ways how we could be involved in that. We were evaluating the test of our gifts and read the bible scripture talking about them. As we were thinking and exploring, what gifts and skills we had been given we also thought about the ways how to use them more. We were studying the text about the minas, what the master had given to his servants before he left. We were also thinking how to be faithful servants who manage the entrusted gifts and how to evolve these gifts in our church ministry.

Saturday afternoon we focused on the principles of the functional team. In groups we studied three biblical stories, where the biblical characters were in team. One of them was about Moses visiting his uncle, who advised Moses to find the team of people who will help him in his work so he did not have to be so tired from the work he was doing by himself. (2 Moses 18, 13-27).
We explained every principle by some interaction, activity and then we explained what this principle could mean in practice. We talked about the commitment, how everyone is important, about clear definition of vision and communication.
After the youth group, we went home. We are happy to see, how God will use the things we were teaching through the youth members in Nove Mesto and how we will meet together at the final School of Leaders 2.0 in Žilina.